Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"But Honest, I Didn't Think They'd Really DO It...."

Over at Americablog, rather than discuss anything having to do with the CBS memo scandal, John Aravosis is throwing a tantrum over the religious right calling up the Justice Department and complaining about gay lawyers working there.

This is, of course, another terrible idea on the part of the religious right and another example of their ridiculous homophobia. It hurts all gays when these kind of "witch hunts" crop up based on false impressions of gays and statements that we're some kind of threat to "family values".

However, who was it that was encouraging his readers to call up the religious right and agitate them to go looking for gays in government because they were a threat to "family values"? Despite being warned by yours truly that this would only spill over into more antigay "witch hunts", they went ahead and did it -- and now they're screaming about being hurt by the very same actions and people that they were encouraging.

Karma is a beautiful (and inexorable) thing. However, the problem is....since we've let Aravosis speak for the gay community, the gay community is the one getting tagged by it.

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