Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Truth is What You Make of It, I Suppose

The liberal left has been spending a great deal of time lately trying to make political hay out of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the recent Indian Ocean tsunami. The latest effort, led by my bete noire John Aravosis over at Americablog, is to use a cursory survey of "religious right" websites and, based on that, claim that the "religious right is ignoring tsunami relief", and the left is not.

The problem is, though, that Aravosis, either through inadvertent or deliberate ignorance of the situation, is comparing political advocacy groups to "left" religious organizations and church denominations. When one compares denominations and religious organizations such as the Southern Baptist Convention and Salvation Army, as MediaSoul showed, the difference vanishes. Lending credence to the theory is that Aravosis is deliberately ignoring data that doesn't fit his desired conclusion, inexplicably Aravosis links to Pat Robertson's personal page to "prove" his point, but ignores Robertson's ministry page -- perhaps because, as a look at Robertson's ministry page shows, he definitely is NOT ignoring the situation.

This type of selective editing is not new territory for Aravosis -- witness his hissy fit and supporting the UN bureaucrats bashing Bush over not returning to DC immediately after the disaster while completely ignoring the fact that the bureaucrats' boss, Kofi Annan, didn't let the tsunami interfere with his ski vacation. However, it does make one wonder -- despite his statement that "a great nation deserves the truth", why does he only give half of it?


Anonymous said...

As for supporting the UN bureaucrats, they have been a total joke on refief efforts. Setting up suites in five star hotels. Running around trying to set up confrences to see how they can direct operations without getting their hand dirty.

Meanwhile everyone else is ignoring their UNresponse and getting the job done.

The Diplomad has this and several other good post on just how itiotic the UNcredible UN is handling itself.

Jeff you are one of my daily reads now and I put you on my BlogRoll.

North Dallas Thirty said...

Thanks for the link, Sandi....eye-opening and more than a bit scary. While I don't agree with the whackos that the US should get out of the UN, I think we should make it clear to them that we're getting tired of the endless fiascos and bureaucracy that they've created. I am only hoping that Paul Volcker pulls no punches when it comes to oil-for-food.

Incidentally, Sandi, if you feel comfortable doing it, I'd love to blogroll you too.....send me an email and I'll get you added asap.