Tuesday, January 25, 2005

There's No Place Like Home...No Place Like Home

My apologies to all of you who stopped by last week in hopes of more wit and witticism....my Internet access was limited on Wednesday and Thursday, and by Friday in Chicago, I had more important things -- well, actually a very important thing -- to be taking care of as opposed to blogging.

As a catchup, I spent a day and a half in scenic Greensboro, NC, and really enjoyed it -- hills, trees, Revolutionary War and Civil War history, and my GOD, do those people feed you well! This is definitely an area I shall have to file away for future reference.

Thursday night I flew to Chicago....and spent the Great Snowstorm of 2005 huddled up next to someone who is progressively becoming more and more important in NDT's life. It was VERY hard to leave on Sunday afternoon and head back to Dallas.

A bit of airline advice and commentary.....I was pleasantly surprised by how well Delta Air Lines is handling things. Of the four flights I took on them this trip, each one was on time and service was excellent, including the Comair commuter taken from Orlando to Greensboro. In addition, despite regularly taxiing by them on the way in and out of D/FW International Airport, I had never realized how beautiful the color combination they use on their aircraft tails is. It may end up being the color scheme for my bedroom.

Chicago back to Dallas was courtesy of AirTran, and they certainly live up to their reputation of having a new fleet -- my connecting flight from Atlanta was on a week-old aircraft. That being said, it was STILL packed to the gills. Service was OK, in a desultory sort of fashion -- it wasn't very impressive when our flight to Dallas was delayed from boarding because one of the flight attendants didn't show up.

A pleasant food discovery in Hartsfield International Airport -- the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich, courtesy of Atlanta Bread Company. Sadly, there are franchises here in Dallas, but I had never visited one before -- a problem I intend to make up for quickly!

Anyway, the NDT Mascot was glad to see me back.....and I will be catching back up with some blogging progressively over the next few days. Good to see you all again!

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