Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Democrats Complaining About Turnout Again

Dirty Harry has a phenomenal post up today about how the leftists are returning to Vietnam-era tactics in a desperate attempt to convince Americans that Iraqis want to delay their vote, when in fact polls show clearly otherwise.

Perhaps they need to trot John Kerry out for a few more sessions of "exaggerations" before Congress.


TomInDallas said...

Greetings from 75215. I too have discovered the Gay Patriot and it is nice to see a kindred spirit in DFW.
Good Play on Mr. Jenkins book title too.

Tom Hooper.

North Dallas Thirty said...

The pleasure is all mine, Tom. Thank you for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the press that Iraqi's are negative on having the elections as scheduled either.

I don't remember the numbers but I blogged on it a couple weeks back, and they overwhelming support the elections without delay.

Also the press that the different factions ie Sunni, Shias, Kurds etc will not accept others in power. A poll said the majority were not voting for a candidate on the basis of religion,or sect.

I read several Iraq blogs each week and though I realize that only the middle to upper class have computers, it still gives you a feel for what the people are feeling.